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/ 2014 /

Icelandic landscape is only bounded by skylines, tops of mountains or the ocean. There is banned to build stable fences in Iceland. Only one exception are wire barriers by which pastures for sheep are divided. The philosophy of Icelanders is to leave their landscape open for everybody. Fences mae of steel wire and mounds of stones are the only traces of human activity at most of places.

That landscape creates charming sceneries in which we are present very rarely. Also/that ́s why is very photogenic. We focus our sences gently, choose the best place to watch, try to make the best photo when we are there. We look for the best place we can take that picture from.

I also looked for “The best place to watch” in my project. Then I made an installation of armchair, TV and other objects (normally found in our private spaces at home) into that open icelandic landscape. In this case I wanted to choose the best place for armchair and TV as a representatives of stereotype of our home, of our “intimacy” in which we are isolated from reality at the same moment.